Friday, April 20, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007


I've been missing in action for a while. I've been struggling with being creative and been busy at work, plus I've been sick. One reason after another for not posting or being creative. I decided I needed to jump back in with both feet so I started 10 canvases, 5 using techniques from Claudine Hellmuth's books and five using the background technique from my earlier canvases. I also bought some books to alter and have been putting gesso on the pages. I actually bought a 1/2 gallon tub of gesso yesterday. Does that make me an artist?

I do have some excitement in my life. I get to go to Art and Soul in Portland in October!!!! I'll be taking three classes.

Claudine Hellmuth's Magazine Alterology
Ann Baldwin's Telling Stories with Collage and Paint
Leslie Riley's Fabrications

I'm really psyched about this. I've taken workshops for quilting and jewelry but never one for art. I have DVDs by all three of these ladies. I also hope to meet up with some people from one of my Yahoo Groups that will be attending as well.

I also signed up for a 2-day Traci Bautista workshop at Valley Ridge Art Studio. I have Traci's DVD and book. Her style is so different than anything I've done. I'm looking forward to getting way outside my box. I think the 2-day format will really allow me to learn the techniques as well as apply them to a project. I really need to learn to have fun with art. I'm sure Traci is a great one to teach me to do that!

I dragged my mom to a Postcard, Paper & Collectibles Show this weekend. I'd never been to one before. I hoped to find some cabinet cards and images to use for art projects. I've never seen so many postcards in my life. I found a few with fun pictures that were from the early 1900's. I also found some cabinet cards. One vendor had some great cabinet cards but none of them were priced. When I asked him how much they were he couldn't tell me specifically so I decided to pass. Mom thinks he may have wanted to bargain. I think he may have wanted to convince me how wonderful they were and jack up the prices. He was busy gabbing with all the other vendors and not really wanting to sell anything. Mom wasn't too thrilled with the whole episode but did some reminiscing while we were there. She especially like the Life magazine with the picture of Howdy Doody on the cover. He drove through her hometown one time in a big convertible.

So I have quite a few swaps I'm working now and in the near future. Plus I want to get some things together for trading at Art and Soul as well (ATCs, charms, inchies).

Art Technique ATCs
Fabric and Beads ATCs
Inchies on ATCs
Resist ATCs
Texture ATCs
Fat Book for Portland Art and Soul

That should keep me busy. Wish me luck in getting my creativity back.

Friday, April 13, 2007