Friday, January 25, 2008

Plastic Wrap Crinkle

Another technique from Collage Discovery Workshop-Expect the Unexptected by Claudine Hellmuth. This one is the Plastic Wrap Crinkle technique. Done on canvas pad with acrylic paints. I used Golden's paints for these samples but you can use what you have handy.

I used two colors of watered down paint (consistency of watercolor) in puddles, mixing the two colors in spots. Then put a piece of plastic wrap over the paint and smooshed it around with my fingers. This one has to be set aside to dry. If you use the heat gun you'll melt the plastic wrap. When dry remove the plastic.

Elmers Glue Crackle Backgrounds

I pulled out Collage Discovery Workshop-Expect the Unexptected by Claudine Hellmuth and decided to work through the techniques. These are the results from the first texture technique called Elmers Glue Crackle. They are done on 1/4 sheets of canvas pad. I used Golden's acrylic paint for these. Try it with what background and paints you have handy.

Sample 1 - Small Crackle (using heavy body acrylics)
For the top one I started with a base color of magenta, the bottom one did not have a base color. I spread glue over the entire sheet using my fingers. I had a fairly thin coat of glue on these. With the glue still wet I put use another color of paint that had been slightly watered down. Brush in differnt directions for more interest. Dry with heat gun or leave it to dry.

Sample 2 - Big Crackle (used fluid acrylic paint)

These did not have a base color. For interest on the bottom one I put down a dictionary page with gel medium and then a layer of gel medium over the page and let it dry. I put a thick layer of glue over the whole sheet. Then I put drops of fluid acrylic over the wet glue and brushed it out. Dry with a heat gun or air dry.

Sample 3 - Big Crackle (fluid acrylic paints)

These two are the same steps as Sample 2 but I started with a base color.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Art Quest Challenge #1

Trish started an altered book challenge she's calling the Art-Quest Challenge. This is the background for the Three Steps Texture Challenge. I used tissue paper for texture, matte medium for adhesive and two different colors of acrylic paint mixed with glaze medium. I've been playing with the glazes a little and really like the way they look. I used Golden's Cobalt Teal and Quinacridone Magenta for this and Satin Acrylic Glazing Liquid. Now to decide how to finish the spread.