Friday, January 18, 2008

Art Quest Challenge #1

Trish started an altered book challenge she's calling the Art-Quest Challenge. This is the background for the Three Steps Texture Challenge. I used tissue paper for texture, matte medium for adhesive and two different colors of acrylic paint mixed with glaze medium. I've been playing with the glazes a little and really like the way they look. I used Golden's Cobalt Teal and Quinacridone Magenta for this and Satin Acrylic Glazing Liquid. Now to decide how to finish the spread.

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Aimeslee said...

KACY! Love that you are posting again! Sorry, took me a bit to get over here, been down in my own drama, trying to climb out.

I will have to try this technique! Of course, my materials are more cheapo generic, but I do think I have them. Thanks for the links and for showing your gorgeous work.