Friday, January 25, 2008

Elmers Glue Crackle Backgrounds

I pulled out Collage Discovery Workshop-Expect the Unexptected by Claudine Hellmuth and decided to work through the techniques. These are the results from the first texture technique called Elmers Glue Crackle. They are done on 1/4 sheets of canvas pad. I used Golden's acrylic paint for these. Try it with what background and paints you have handy.

Sample 1 - Small Crackle (using heavy body acrylics)
For the top one I started with a base color of magenta, the bottom one did not have a base color. I spread glue over the entire sheet using my fingers. I had a fairly thin coat of glue on these. With the glue still wet I put use another color of paint that had been slightly watered down. Brush in differnt directions for more interest. Dry with heat gun or leave it to dry.

Sample 2 - Big Crackle (used fluid acrylic paint)

These did not have a base color. For interest on the bottom one I put down a dictionary page with gel medium and then a layer of gel medium over the page and let it dry. I put a thick layer of glue over the whole sheet. Then I put drops of fluid acrylic over the wet glue and brushed it out. Dry with a heat gun or air dry.

Sample 3 - Big Crackle (fluid acrylic paints)

These two are the same steps as Sample 2 but I started with a base color.


Aimeslee said...

OMGosh, I am speechless.
1. I own that Helmuth book.
2. I was looking for a homemade crackle effect, not wanting to buy even MORE stuff to do that effect.
3. Finally gave up and bought some FolkARt Crackle Medium, Ranger Inkessentials Crackle Accents, and 2 kinds of Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint!
4. Haven't used any of it yet.

Man, if I would just read the books I own...and I have lots of Elmer's LOLOL.

THANKS for hilighting this technique, Kacy. One day I'll have used all that other stuff up, hopefully, and I now know I can still crackle stuff!

Anonymous said...

Glue?? I wish I knew about this before I forked out money on expensive crackle medium LOL!!! Thanks for sharing :)