Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 New Year's Resolutions - Artistic Endeavors

    Here is my list for 2008

    • Finish some unfinished projects. Like these:

    • Take more classes at Valley Ridge (or better yet win the lottery and take ALL the classes at Valley Ridge). Specifically these:

      DJ Pettitt
      DJ Pettitt
      Beryl Taylor
      Nina Bagley

    • Keep the blog updated and post more projects. Work on my writing.

    • Organize supplies and space.

    • Pick a couple of my Yahoo Groups and become a more active, regular participant.

    • Try to use more embellishments and make things that aren't always "flat".


    Aimeslee said...

    ok girl, here is me commenting to another post -- get to blogging! LOLOL Seriously, hope you had a great New Years and are making progress on those res's!

    Aimeslee said...

    Hiya Kacy...comment #3 here! I want to look at something else when I come here, please! Are you alive? Watcha been doin'? MISS you!