Friday, January 26, 2007

Giving it away...

Sorry all the stuff is gone for now. - updated 2/11/07

STUFF – I have too much of it. I’ve been building up quite the supply of art/craft supply STUFF. You know paper, fiber, stamps, paints, embellishments, ephemera and all the other kinds of stuff. So much STUFF that I can’t find it when I actually need it. So, I’ve decided to give some of it away. I have three motives behind this decision. The first is to force me to go through my STUFF and do a little organizing (a four-letter word in disguise). The second is to share my STUFF with others who like to collect STUFF too. And finally, to see if people actually read my blog besides my blog buddy Aimeslee.

Here’s the scoop. Leave a comment and I’ll send you a little of my STUFF! I promise it won’t be junk.


............Aimeslee said...

Me me me! Hehe, am I disqualified cuz you tagged me as your only commenter (I bet lots of folks read you).;-) *hugs*

Julie said...

Hi! Great blog!
I don't remember exactly where I got that tiny canvas. It's been a while and I must have just snatched it up wherever I saw it because I only had the one. But try -- they have lots of sizes of canvas and reasonable prices. You could also check Michaels.

gina said...

The art farter sent me! I am so art material starved! I live in Sweden and my outlaws just got together and gave me a trip home to NJ for my birthday! I would love to receive a RAK on my arrival!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

The lovely Regina at Soul Glo sent me over. I do not scrapbook, but I am looking for metal embellishments that I can turn into knitting stitchmarkers like I did with cellphone and card charms. Please let me know and I will gladly pay for the shipping.