Thursday, October 26, 2006

Five Random Things About Me

I saw this on another blog and thought it might be a good way to introduce myself a little.

1. I like animals. I have two rescued cats, Pima and Mouse. They are my kids. I love them but I wish I could teach them to dust or something.

I love big dogs! Two very special big dogs are Daphne and Daisy. They live with my parents but I consider them mine too. I’m the #1 dog sitter. You can see pictures of them as well as some of their friends and relatives here.

I’m learning to appreciate all breeds, shapes and sizes of dogs through volunteering at the local animal shelter. I walk dogs on as many Saturdays as I can and help as other various events throughout the year. I used to do rescue transports and home visits for rescue groups.

2. I’m not a morning person. I’m getting better as I get older. I don’t wake up easily especially in the winter. I’m not the kind of person who can just jump out of bed and be raring to go. It takes time to get moving. It is best not to be too cheery around me until I’ve been up for a little while.

3. I am not very artistic (my brother got that gene). I dabble in different things: stamping, bead jewelry, quilting, etc… I enjoy trying different techniques and projects. Participating in swaps has really forced me outside my box and to try different things. I’m also my own worst critic.

4. I cry at the drop of a hat. It gets really bad when they start airing the sappy Hallmark commercials around Christmas.

5. I watch too much TV. I’m trying to back off some and have been successful in cutting back to only watching on 4 nights a week. I’m slightly addicted to Grey’s Anatomy, more for the McScenery than anything else! My closet favorite is Men in Trees (don’t tell).

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............Aimeslee said...

Hey, it's about TIME you finally shared your blog url with me! Hey, KEWL, my blog link is listed! Well paybacks are..., you know. LOL

Wow, I did the 5 Randoms for awhile. I might need to tag myself and do 'em again!

I'm gonna go down every blog entry and comment now. I'm sooo excited you have a blog, too. And all your pretty art, tooo. Seeya!