Friday, February 09, 2007

We're in the TEENS!!!

We hit a high of 13 degrees today, almost a heat wave. To celebrate I ventured out at lunch and did a little shopping at the local antique/consignment store. I purchased a couple of new cab cards, some photos and some other fun ephemera.

Granny looks a little stern.

I'm sure she will cheer up when I get a chance to use her picture in some art projects.

Isn't this the cutest baby!

I'm slowly building a collection of images. I stop by every couple of weeks to see what they have new and what's on sale. Granny was 80% off today so she should be smiling (I am).

I don't want to use the original cards so I'll do some high quality scans and print them on my new color laser printer. I haven't tried to alter any yet but I'm getting a lot of good ideas. I have a serious case of OPTION ANXIETY! Any thoughts on how I can get rid of it? I'm up for suggestions.


............Aimeslee said...

yes, do them all, everything that you think up. that'll cure ya after a while. rofl ok, kacy, i thought that was your actual granny ... i am just beginning my coffee. teehee dang i had to put on a sweater cuz it's 44 right now down here 10 am. i'm such a baby not wanting to wear a sweater, poor you guys!

hey, girl, did you comment on my atc over at B-Muse yahoo group? If you did then thanks! i did not know we were in that group together, did you? yup, i know, more coffee needed. i'll shut up now, haha.

............Aimeslee said...

oh, and i just saw my blog and your comment there, thanks! you are too kind!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i seriously love old photos and love your fab little cool

Jen Crossley said...

These are great cab card what a bargain .Love your work and the canvases as well.
keep up the great art work
Jen crossley