Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I signed up for some swaps that are for tip-ins. I sent out the first ones which were for the theme Disjointed Figures (take pieces of figures and combine them together). Here are the pages I made.

Front side page 1

Back side page 1

Front side page 2

Back side page 2

Front side page 3

Back side page 3

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Aimeslee said...

Hey girlie! Long time, here's hoping I remember all I wanted to list:
1. Congrats on the loss of poundage! I too am working on that, but mine is going a lot more slowly...but surely!
2. Heartfelt condolences on losing your gramma. I lost both of mine years ago, and it gets a bit easier as long as you think of them in a better place.
3. How awesome to take a workshop from TB - I love her book. Your journal is fab.
4. Love your ATC's. I quit doing those last November, but still love to lookie!

I hope you are hydrating adequately and staying well. Sending hugs and xoxo's,