Friday, February 15, 2008

More Background Fun

I've been making more pages. I plan on using these for pages in a book I want to make.

The first two are actually front and back of one piece of paper. I just used a piece of plain, white paper from my printer.

Side 1: I stamped with a script stamp and my new favorite stamp (Stampabilities Crackle Berry F1141). I love the way this stamp looks and have been using it on everything. I even bought a second one because I've been using the first one with paint and wanted to keep one decent to use with ink. Anyway, after stamping I painted over it with acrylic glazes made using Satin Glazing Medium with Quinacrodone Magenta, Quinacrodone Nickel Azo Gold and Quinacrodone Burnt Orange. These are my three favorite colors at the moment. Each glaze was painted on and allowed to dry before the next layer was added. I used paint rollers I bought from Dick Blick to apply the glazes. My local Dick Blick store doesn't have the rollers so I ordered them on-line. The regular foam rollers from the craft store didn't work as well and fell apart fast. The corners were taped down with painters masking tape to hold the paper in place for the first coat of glaze that is why they are a different color. I just tape the paper to my table which is covered with a plastic table cloth that way I can paint over the edges of the paper to get good coverage for the entire sheet. (One of these days I'll have to post a picture of my table cloth. It is georgeous and changes every time I paint.)

Side 2: I painted over a stencil with gesso. I absolutely LOVE this stencil. I bought it a one of my local scrapbook stores in two different sizes, this is the large size. It is made by, the name for this size is Botanicals and the smaller one is Mini-Botanicals. Then I glazed over it with glazes using Quinacrodone Nickel Azo Gold and Quinacrodone Burnt Orange. I really love this one. It is very subtle and the color is awesome. I'll have a hard time covering it up.

This is one of my "waste" sheets. I always have one on my table to use up extra paint and clean off rollers, brushes and stamps. I stop when I decide I love it. If I don't love it then I keep adding to it. This one probably has 10-12 layers. These are becoming some of my favorite pages.


Rosie said...

OMG... I have died and gone to background heaven!! These are gorgeous - I can totally understand you having trouble covering them up! ;-)

Aimeslee said...

Wow, Kacy, you are really into this. Love it! And, I had no idea to use TCW stencils that way - too cool!

Susie said...

These are gorgeous Kacy. I really love the burnt orange addition to the top one, and I can see why you love that stencil!

Maggi said...

Love your samples, especially the "waste" sheet - I do the same thing and usually like the waste sheet better than anything else. I guess it's because it is unplanned!!!!

Hope said...

Stunning... just stunning! I love them all, but especially like the orange one.
Brilliant art- thanks for sharing!

chrissy said...

Kacy - These are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I have the paints you mention and I think I even have the glaze. I really need to practice a lot more with my acrylic paints as I don't have the confidence with them. Your art is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing.