Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sponges and Bubble Wrap

After years of buying catnip mice and other miscellaneous cat toys I have discovered that the things that make my four-footed kids the happiest are sponges and bubble wrap.

Mouse, my little grey beast, keeps stealing my stamping sponges. If I forget to put them away after I’m done I will find them in various spots all over the house. I don't get her fascination with these items as they just don't seem that entertaining to me. She also has a fixation with rubber bands and has been known to open drawers to get to them. I do my best to keep the rubber bands locked up tight so she won’t eat them. I think she gets a little PO'd at me for this. When I need rubber bands I put them on my wrist for safe keeping so I don't forget and leave them out where Mouse can get to them. Once in a while I’ll forget I have one on and when I least expect it the little grey beast will attack. She’s pretty darn quick. I’ve had to wrestle the little munchkin once or twice to get her to let go (picture a cat attached to a rubber band and hanging from my wrist).

Pima, my striped beast, has a thing for plastic bags and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap being the preferred item to carry around the house while making her “here I come with my baby” howl, which is usually after bed time when its nice and dark and I’m about to fall asleep. I have, on several occasions, awoke to a piece of bubble wrap or a small plastic bag on the floor near my bed. She doesn’t chew or eat these she just carries them around during her nightly prowls. She has other toys she will move about the house too. These are tiny dog toys that are big enough to not end up under the furniture and small enough to be carried and tossed around. The little hedgehog is my favorite. One morning I woke up to a pile of these animals and a plastic bag next to my bed. She had a busy night.

They are such creative girls. Now if I could only teach them to dust or something.

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